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The quick start is intended to help users running the platform to get started with the basic operations and functions. For more in-depth information, please refer to the Concept and Design and API documentation.


Use the quick start to learn the basics about the platform and the process of creating your own certificate management services. The quick start allows you to use the platform in few minutes.

Discovery Quick Start

Discovery is one of the basic operations you need to run in order to collect information about the certificates and start to manage them. To create the discovery process and search for certificates in the network, follow the steps below:

1.Register ConnectorRegister Connector that implements Discovery Provider Functional Group. For the quick stat we are going to use the Network Discovry Provider that allows us to search for certificate in the network, based on IP address or hostname.
2.Create DiscoveryCreate new Discovery to start the discovery process.
3.Check Discovery StatusCheck the status of the Discovery to see if it is still running, or finished.
4.Get Discovery ResultsShow the results of the Discovery process with all certificates discovered and metadata.

Certificate Management Quick Start

To create a certificate management service and start managing certificates, follow the steps below:

1.Register ConnectorsRegister Connectors that implements CA Connector and Credential Provder Functional Group. For the quick stat we are going to use the MS ADCS CA Connector that allows us to work with the MS certification authority and Common Credential Provider using which we can create basic credential.
2.Create CredentialCreate new basic username/password Credential. This is needed in order to establish authorized connection with the CA.
3.Create AuthorityCreate Authority to establish ADCS CA instance connection with provided authentication.
4.Create RA ProfileCreate RA Profile to manage certificates with the specific certificate template.
5.Issue CertificateIssue new Certificate using the RA Profile.
6.Renew CertificateRenew already issued and registred Certificate using the RA Profile with the same Attributes.
7.Revoke CertificateRevoke issuedCertificate using the RA Profile and provided revocation reason.