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ACME Profile

ACME Profile specifies the configurations of the ACME server behaviour. ACME Account that is registered to the ACME Profile follows the behaviour. It holds the configuration listed below:

ConfigurationPurposeDefault ValueMandatory
NameACME Profile NameYes
DescriptionDescription of the ACME ProfileNoneNo
Terms of Service URLURL for the Terms of Service the client has to agreeNoneNo
Website URLWebsite URL containing additional informationNoneNo
DNS Resolver IPIP of the DNS resolver if a custom DNS is usedSystem default DNSNo
DNS Resolver PortPort of the DNS resolver53No
Retry IntervalRetry interval in seconds to be set in the Retry-After header30No
Order ValidityOrder validity in seconds10 HoursNo
Disable new Orders (Change in Terms of Service)Disable new Order requests until the new Terms of Service are agreedfalseNo
Changes in Terms of Service URLNew Terms of Service URL that will be set if the Disable new Order is configuredNoneNo
Require Contacts for new AccountsSpecifies whether the contacts are required for registering a new accountfalseNo
Require agree to Terms of ServiceSpecifies whether the Terms of Service must be agreed for new account registrationfalseNo
RA ProfileRA Profile that will be set as default for this ACME ProfileNoneNo

By default ACME Profiles will be created without any default RA Profile, if not selected any.

Attributes for certificate management

If a default RA Profile is selected then Attributes to issue certificates and revoke certificates must be configured, if needed.


Certificate management Attributes for ACME Profile are used during finalize of the ACME Orders or ACME revocation requests and cannot be changed by the ACME client.

Operations on ACME Profile

The following operations can be performed on the ACME Profile:

CreateCreate a new ACME Profile. Create ACME Profile is disabled by default
UpdateUpdate configuration of already created ACME Profile
DeleteDelete existing ACME Profile
DisableDisable ACME Profile. All request to disabled ACME Profile will be rejected
EnableEnable ACME Profile

ACME Profile should be in enabled state for the clients to use it. If the ACME Profile is disabled, the server throws error that the profile is not enabled and cannot process any requests.