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ACME Accounts

The ACME Account is defined by the RFC 8555, section 7.1.2. Using the platform, you can manage registered ACME Accounts. This allows administrators to have more control about the access to ACME API.


Note that the ACME Account holds the information about the registered ACME client. ACME Account information cannot be updated by the administrator. Administrator can manage only the state of the ACME Account by either enabling or disabling them. Administrator can also revoke the ACME Account so that new requests are rejected.

ACME Account contains the following information:

UUIDThe unique identifier of the ACME Account in the platform
Account IdThe unique identifier of the ACME Account according RFC generated by the platform
RA ProfileThe name of the RA Profile associated with the ACME Account
ACME ProfileThe name of the ACME Profile associated with the ACME Account
Internal StateInternal state of the ACME Account, enabled or disabled
Account StatusACME Account status as defined in RFC, valid, deactivated, or revoked
Terms of Service AgreedSpecifies whether the Terms of Service were agreed
ContactsThe list of contacts associated with the ACME Account
Orders SummaryThe summary of the numbers of Orders associated with the ACME Account

New registered ACME Account is by default enabled and valid.

Operations on ACME Account

The following operations can be performed on ACME Account:

DisableThe ACME Account is disabled and cannot process orders. However, it is not revoked and still can be enabled to continue in its operations
EnableEnable ACME Account to continue processing Orders
RevokeRevoke ACME Account by the platform. Revoked ACME Account is the final state and cannot be activated again