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RA Profile

What is RA Profile?

RA Profile is a representation of attributes that collectively provides a complete configuration of the certificate service which can be used by users and applications in a consistent and convenient way.

RA Profile provides an abstraction of the certificate management service configuration attributes:

  • Certification Authority and its related information
  • Certificate management technology-specific attributes
  • Service-related configuration
  • Access control configuration

Additionally, RA Profile uses the following attributes to identify the service:

  • RA Profile Name
  • Description


Characteristics of RA Profile are:

  • Binds the Authority and act as a specific certificate management service
  • Configures the certificate specific attributes and defines the compliance rules and behavior
  • Provide rules for issuing, renewing, and revocation of the certificate

Process Flow

The following steps illustrate the process of requesting the certificate through the RA Profile:

  1. Client requests the RA Profile to issue certificate providing the certificate signing request
  2. RA Profile validates the certificate signing request against its configuration
  3. RA Profile forwards the certificate signing request and related attributes to the Authority Provider
  4. Authority Provider validates the certificate signing request and issues the certificate
  5. RA Profile forwards the certificate to the Client